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Solar powered street lights to brighten ORR in Hyderabad

(01 May 2017)

After installing LED lights on the Gachibowli-Shamshabad stretch on the Outer Ring Road (ORR), the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) is now planning to establish a solar farm to supply solar energy to streetlights, toll plazas and other units on the ORR.

There are over 3,100 light poles on the main carriageway, service roads and ramps. These apart, there are toll plaza counters and canopies on the ORR. HMDA utilises about 23 lakh units a month and incurs power bills to the tunes of Rs 1.80 crore for operating these installations.

Four acres of land is required for establishing a 1MW solar plant. To ensure power supply to ORR through solar energy, a 20 MW plant has to be established and accordingly, 70 to 80 acres of land would be required for setting up of solar panels, an official said.

Though availability of land is not an issue, grid connectivity will be a challenge.

“We have to check ideal plots which are closer to sub stations so that it would be easy to connect the solar power to the grids. However, we already have land available at a few junctions,” said an official.

At present, authorities are working out the project cost, besides other feasibilities. Once the project report is prepared, it will be sent to the government for approval, he added.

HMDA had taken up the Rs 30 crore LED lights installation work, covering 24.38 km of main carriageway from Gachibowli to Shamshabad on the ORR and the work is expected to be completed very soon.

The objective behind installing LED lights was to ensure better illumination and avoid accidents in the wake of poor lighting on the ORR. HMDA had planned for installation of LED lights along the entire ORR but with the project costing about Rs 180 to Rs 200 crore, it is being done in a phased manner.

“We will be monitoring the performance of LED lights on this stretch and once we are convinced of the financial and technical benefits, the project will be extended along the entire ORR,” the official added.

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