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Sungrow Signs 650 MW Agreement With Avaada Energy to Supply PV Inverters

(25 Mar 2020)

Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, signed a 650 MW strategic agreement with Avaada Energy to supply 1500V inverter solutions for its upcoming solar PV projects in 2020, demonstrating the firms’ continued efforts to minimise LCOE for solar projects in India.

Avaada Energy, one of the leading Independent Power Producers (IPP) in India, has commissioned over 2 GW of renewable assets and is targeting to expand to 11 GW by 2025.

“We value Sungrow’s proven performance record worldwide and are delighted to partner with Sungrow to supply numerous landmark projects in India. Sungrow’s 1500V turnkey solution perfectly matches our demand when we take a holistic comparison regarding the 650 MW projects.  Furthermore, the comprehensive local team of Sungrow is paramount to support our business in India,” said Vineet Mittal, Chairman of Avaada Group.

Sungrow will provide its 1500V 3.125 MW central inverter solution for the upcoming solar PV projects under this agreement. Developed for large-scale 1500V flat ground plants, the solution features a high DC/AC ratio of over 1.4 and the flexible 6.25 MW or 12.5 MW block design, which can minimise the system cost and be widely utilised in India. Notably, as one of the key players of 1500V technology, Sungrow has over 10 GW of 1500V inverter solutions installed across the globe.

“Sungrow has been deeply involved in the Indian market for more than five years, including opening its first international factory in India. With high-quality products and superior services, Sungrow has won the continued trust of its customers,” said Hu Yukun, Country Manager of Sungrow India.

“In the future, Sungrow will keep strengthening technological innovation, providing more advanced products and solutions for global customers as well as in India, and accelerate its step to fulfill its mission ‘Clean power for all’ in the era of PV parity,” he added.


News Source : Saur Energy