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Covid: Lohia Auto suspends production at Kashipur plant till 31st March

(24 Mar 2020)

Coronavirus outbreak in India has taken multiple sectors on the backfoot and automobile is certainly one of them. With the rapid outbreak, multiple manufacturers have announced that they have suspended operations at their production facilities in the interest of public safety and prevent the spread of the virus. The latest one to announce the suspension of operations at its production facility is Lohia Auto. The maker of electric two and three-wheelers says that it has stopped operations at its Kashipur plant starting 23rd March to 31st March.

Speaking on the COVID-19 and the preventive measures taken, Ayush Lohia, CEO, Lohia Auto Industries said that Lohia Auto understands that this pandemic requires an extraordinary response hence the company is taking the right precautions as the situation continues to evolve. As a result, Lohia Auto has asked all its employees to work from home through the end of March. The company has shut down its operations and suspended vehicle production at its Kashipur facility with effect from March 23, 2020 to March 31, 2020, as a measure to stop the spread of coronavirus and keeping the safety of employees as the top priority.

He also said that Lohia Auto will await further notifications from the government to resume operations at the plant. He concluded his statement by saying that Lohia Auto recognizes that the company is in a dynamic situation and is prepared to adjust quickly based on the daily analysis of the current environment.

With the ongoing situation, FADA had requested the Supreme Court for the extension of BS4 vehicle sale till 31st May from the current 31st March. The decision regarding this is yet to come and the body is quite hopeful. According to FADA, BS4 vehicles worth Rs 6,400 crore are still lying unsold with 12,000+ dealers shut in the lockdown states and cities.


News Source : Financial Express