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Plan for bio-waste management in Kochi

(02 Jan 2017)

Bio-waste management, including the incineration of diapers and sanitary napkins, would be taken up by the civic administration shortly.

Now there is no system for the processing the waste generated by households and institutions like hostels in the city.

Often residents pack this waste along with other refuses, leading to altercation with the workers of the local body.

Not equipped

The municipal waste management facility of the Kochi Corporation at Brahmapuram is not equipped for processing bio-waste.

While the waste from hospitals are collected and processed by the Indian Medical Association at its facility at Palakkad, individual houses are not covered by any agency.

No effective system

The civic administrators too admitted that there was no effective system for its management.

Considering the fact that the city lacks bio-waste management, the Health Standing Committee of the Corporation has proposed a facility for the West Kochi region.

The unit would be set up at Fort Kochi where the waste could be processed, said V.K. Minimol, chairperson of the Health Standing Committee.

For the central city region, one unit can be set up on the Ravipuram crematorium campus.

If one more unit could be set up for the eastern parts of the city, Kochi could effectively address the issue.

Need for legislation

Legislations insisting that such incinerators shall be mandatorily set up in multi-storied buildings also need to be enacted without which the management of such refuses would become an uphill task for the city, Ms.Minimol said.

Ms. Minimol also said the option of extending subsidies to individual households which were willing to set up their own units would be explored.

Currently subsidies are offered to rainwater-harvesting units in the city to individual beneficiaries who are willing to pay the beneficiary share.

Since the setting up of individual incinerators or such units which would manage bio-waste comes under the purview of waste management, the possibility of extending support could be considered, she said.

The units may have to be cleared by agencies like the Kerala State Pollution Control Board.

The proposal needs to be placed before the civic administration.

If approved, it could be included in the list of projects which are implemented using the plan fund of the local body, she said.

News Source : The Hindu