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Renewable energy: ‘175-gigawatt target may face technical difficulties’

(15 Jun 2016)

The government’s ambitious plan to built 175 gigawatt of renewable energy capacity by 2022 is likely to run into technical hurdles, said a senior official at NITI Aayog.

NITI Aayog on Tuesday released a report investigating the financing aspects of the 175 GW target. The findings of the analysis were presented before the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy.

While the Centre’s financial resources make the plan viable, it could run into technical difficulties such as grid stability and storage among others, the official added. “Storage of renewable energy that is generated is one of the key issues, especially for rural areas keeping in mind that we have to keep the costs under control,” he said.

The report has been prepared by an expert group comprising advisors of NITI Aayog and energy experts and academicians. The group has recommended that the government should primarily focus on providing all the non-financial support options such as policy support, legislative enablers, and a coordinated implementation ecosystem. “India lacks a comprehensive national policy and legislative framework for renewable energy. Existing policies and programmes are technology-specific and vary across states restricting strategic intent,” the report said.

“Placing renewables at the centre of India’s power system will therefore require a paradigm shift in planning and governance practices,” it added.

India’s target of reaching 175 GW of installed capacity from renewable energy sources includes 100 GW from solar and 60 GW from wind by 2022. The country has already crossed a mark 26.8 GW of wind and 7.6 GW of solar power installed capacity as of May 2016.

News Source : The Indian Express