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Time Bomb Ticking: 96 MW Rongnichu MBPCL hydel project in East Sikkim

(01 Apr 2018)

The tiny Himalayan State of Sikkim is fragile situated atop young mountain which also got affected badly due to a deadliest and devastating Earthquake of 18 Sep 2011. Despite knowing everything the state of Sikkim is suppressed by ample of projects which in future could bear a major catastrophe if not taken measure at earliest as possible. The state of Sikkim has plenty of Hydel Projects which are generating power by tunneling process through the young mountains and various towns, villages reside atop these fragile mountains of Sikkim.

The matter of facts was as many times talked about, updated but authority seems to overlook every time, knowingly that uncertain nature could trigger a super calamity one day that could inhale many thousands lives and property.

In same row of carelessness alike, the Madhya Bharat Power Corporation Limited (Subsidiary of M/s Sarda Energy & Minerals Limited) is on full swing with a construction of 96MW Ranikhola (Rongnichu) Hydro Electric Project in East Sikkim starting from its barrage at Raniipul (Namli) 9th Mile till Kumrek Rangpo extending underground tunnel upto 7.5 kilometers. The Ranikhola river shall be injected in this 7.5 Km tunnel to generate huge power. The construction of the tunnel is not taking place with safety guidelines and process, the visuals from tunnel expose total carelessness adopted.

Looking into the standard of tunnel work in case anything goes wrong or some unfortunate incident (Big Disaster) takes place inside the tunnel then the lives and property sitting atop of these hills are estimated to suffer major damages which could definitely harvest a tantamount loss in history by yet another man-made calamity.

The young mountain of Sikkim each year faces landslides and flashflood during monsoon in such case how the river water gets through the 7.5 Km tunnel without posing a threat is a BIG QUESTION. If on time this is not resolved then visuals speak and cannot be denied that it is going to be a ‘Time Bomb Ticking’ beneath everyone waiting for THE MASSIVE DISASTER !!

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