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No More Power Cuts, Announces Minister

(02 Jan 2016)

Energy Minister D K Shivakumar on Friday withdrew all scheduled power cuts and announced round-the-clock supply in urban areas.

He said the state had enough resources to provide uninterrupted power in the cities. Rural areas — where farmers use irrigation pumps — will get 6-7 hours’ supply in summer.

“The current daily demand hovers around 9,800 MW and we have a shortage of 1,800 MW. We will use our hydel capacity to produce 1,000 MW more from Friday, and we will purchase the remaining 1,300 MW,” he told reporters.

The third unit of Bellary Thermal Power Station, which was under annual maintenance, has started generating 700 MW since December 25, mitigating the crisis. In addition, Karnataka is buying 168 MW from Damodar Valley Corporation. “We are also promoting the use of non-conventional methods of power generation, and have launched a pilot project to replace inefficient IP sets. This can potentially save power by up to 40 per cent,” he said.

From mid-January, 221 MW is expected from Koodankulam nuclear power plant. Hydel units will start feeding an additional 300 MW to the state grid from April 1, he said.

power plant to start soon

The Yaramarus Thermal Power Plant is also set to be commissioned in late January. It will add an additional 700 MW.

News Source : The New Indian Express