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Rajasthan discom new transfer policy to give relief to staff

(01 Dec 2017)

Rajasthan Discom administration has approved and issued a new transfer policy for the three power distribution companies.

The key takeaway of this policy is that an employee whose spouse is also a government employee, would be able to get posting where his or her spouse is working. However, new recruits will have to serve two years in rural areas like the health department. There are 50,000 employees of engineer and subordinate categories. After the transfer policy, the employees are likely to get big relief from political interference in their transfers. This is also considered to be the reason behind sorry state of the power companies.


  • Transfer only once a year in April-May.  
  • No transfer before 2 years or during probation.  
  • Engineers to serve maximum 3 years at a place    
  • Two years mandatory rural posting for the new recruitment.  
  • Not more than 20% employees to be transferred in a circle in one year.

News Source : DNA