About Us

About Us

INERGYSTAT stands for INdianenERGYSTATistics.

A concept nurtured in 2015 and came into existence in 2017 with a vision to bridge the gap between data and industries, government bodies, academia and utilities personnel’s.

The name in itself clarifiesmentionour vision of covering every segment and every aspect of Energy Sector at one place. So, we present a platform which gives be it News, Events, Rules & Regulation, Case & Judgment, Glossary, Tender & Results, Project details, Company details, Glossary, Articles & Press releases, etc. along with bringing basic concepts to our users in simple and in laymen language.

We believe that every new thing in the sector has its importance and can impact it as well. With this point of view, we cover every news or piece of information and represent them to the concerned people.

Accurate data and latest update is the base for any company to motivate him in entering the segment and with our services we bridge that gap i.e. “Solving your data needs…”

We are happy to inform that with motive of having brainstorming and discussion forum, we have one section for our user to submit their articles and views on any current topic or news which will be shared via daily mail to all users.