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Renewable Energy Sector in India in 2020

Power Generation

As on 28.02.2021, the installed generation capacity in the country is 379130.41 MW. 1450 MW new capacity added in Feb 2021

Power Transmission

As on Oct’2019, the transmission lines (220 kV and above) of 4,19,395 Ckm, transformation capacity (220 kV and above) of 9,32,643 MVA in substations and 99,050 MW of Inter-regional capacity is catering to the peak demand of about 183 GW.

Power Trading

Avg. price at IEX in last three months are Sept- INR 2.774/kWh, Oct- INR 2.713/kWh and Nov-2.854/kWh

Power Distribution

In 2018, Per capital consumption of India is 1181 units against world avg. of 3260 units

Renewable Energy

As of Sept 30, 2019, the installed RE capacity is 81.33 GW, of which solar and wind comprises 30.70 GW and 36.75 GW respectively. Biomass and small hydro power constitute 9.81GW and 4.6 GW, respectively

Coal Sector

Estimated coal demand for FY 2020-21 is 1085 MT, while as per reports, actual coal production in India is approx. 620.10 MT by Feb 2021


As per information available with CPCB, 69,414 MT of e-waste was collected,dismantled and recycled during 2017-18